Why Choose TEPAS Breast Center?

3D Technology

We offer state of the art 3D mammograms with SmartCurve™. This unique curved design mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast, eliminating pinching and discomfort.

Upscale Spa-like Environment

We are dedicated to making your visit ads comfortable, painless and luxurious as possible from beginning to end. From convenient and ample parking to our spa-like interior throughout, your next mammogram will feel more like a day at the spa than a doctor’s appointment.

Online Scheduling

We make scheduling your appointment a piece of cake.

Experienced Technicians

Certified 3D mammography and ultrasound technicians with more than 20 years of experience.

Take the First Step Toward Breast Health

Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer Saves Lives

Snapshots of Hope

In Myself I Believe. I don’t have what it takes to give up or give in. I must fight this battle and I must win. There are no choices to be made, I can’t concede to pain or being afraid. I have got to keep going because life is worth fighting for, I have had so little and I want so much more. — I refuse to submit or be defeated, This life is mind to be completed. I will not be controlled by self-pity or doubt, I will be strong enough to fight this out. I will smile at every goal that I achieve. For I have hope and in myself I believe. — Your body does not define you as a woman. It’s not how big your breasts are or how narrow your waist is. It is you r heart and your spirit that makes you beautiful. Our beings are defined by our soul and not our bodies. – Sherry Franklin

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I was absolutely shocked about how painless my mammogram was. I highly recommend TEPAS for your mammograms!