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Curved Mammography That Fits

Mammograms with SmartCurve™ are more comfortable, featuring a curved design that mirrors the shape of a woman’s breasts.

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Through the Eyes of a Surgeon

Inspiring photos of real cancer patients, taken by Dr. Emran Imami.

Sherry Franklin

Ray Baldino's B-Pink Project

Local photographer Ray Baldino created the B-Pink project after his wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, to capture the inspiring stores of local woman affected by the disease.

Take the First Step Toward Breast Health

Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer Saves Lives

“I felt very comfortable and well cared for. It’s not often people from a doctors office ask if you had a great experience.” – Patti

“Doctor Imami was very nice. This was the first surgery I have ever had and everyone was very helpful, accommodating and friendly.” – Margaret

“I was absolutely shocked about how painless my mammogram was. I highly highly recommend TEPAS for your mammograms!” – Maureen

Breast Cancer and Genetics: Am I at risk?

Breast Cancer and Genetics: Am I at risk?

 it is important to identify risk factors that can increase one’s likelihood of developing breast cancer. Given the role of genetics as a risk factor in breast cancer, there have been increased efforts in understanding the genetic makeup and unique features of breast cancer cells.