Florida Today: Breast Cancer Can Affect All, Even the Young

Although Breast Cancer is most common among women 50 or older, it can sometimes be seen in younger woman as well. In a recent Florida Today article, Dr. Imami explains how genetics may contribute to an increased risk for the disease in younger patients. Read the full article below or on

Tepas Breast Center on iHeart Radio

Doctors Emran Imami and Stephanie Haridopolos talk about advancements in breast cancer treatment and vaginal rejuvenation. Tepas Breast Center is proud to support the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Brevard Walk.

Dr. Imami Discusses Tepas Breast Center On Lite Rock 99.3

Dr. Imami discusses how Tepas Breast Center helps diagnosis and treat breast cancer, coordinating your care in a compassionate manner. Tepas is a multidisciplinary team that will coordinate with radiation doctors, medical doctors, plastic surgeons and physical therapists, helping women navigate Breast Cancer. Tepas Breast Center is the only diagnostic facility in Brevard County with 3D color mammography and is proud to be a supporter of the upcoming Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Brevard Walk.

Tepas Breast Center Open House

Tepas Breast Center Open House

TEPAS Breast Center and TEPAS Healthcare hosted an open house geared toward educating and nurturing the growth of our county's nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Dr Michael Diaz, Dr Clifford Gelman, and Dr Emran Imami speak on topics concerning breast...