self care

It’s possible that your primary care doctor or gynecologist have spoken to you ad nauseum about breast self-checks. We all know we should preform these exams on our own, but don’t always give ourselves the time and attention our bodies need. However, there is something that our doctors don’t share enough with us or don’t put enough emphasis on, which we should put at the top of our list for self-care.

Providing your previous mammogram images (electronic or print) for your Tepas Breast Center appointment can shed light on any changes that may have occurred since your last exam. While you might not always check in the shower every month, you have made it to your annual exam (Good for you!). This is not your first mammogram and you have never had an abnormal mammogram before, so why is it so important that Tepas Breast Center sees your prior mammogram images?

By comparing the results of each mammogram, we can determine if there are any subtle changes to your images. Without the prior images we have no clue whether the breast tissue always looked like that or has changes in any way. Having prior mammogram images for the doctor and care team to review is the most important part of self-care that you can do when coming for a mammogram. They give you, as the patient, a more accurate picture (no pun intended) of your breast health, which can save your time from having to return for additional images. On the other hand, if we do find something of concern when reviewing your prior mammograms, we can address the situation sooner. Early detection is key to saving lives.

Mammograms may not be the most glamorous or pleasant forms or self-care, but your will be happier and healthier for keeping up with your regular checkups. Take time to show yourself some love and self-care by scheduling your mammogram today.

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