Dr. Emran Imami of TEPAS Breast Center started to record his patients’ journey battling cancer after he was inspired by a postmastectomy boutique that had photos of cancer patients. He began asking his own patients if he could record moments of their treatment, either before a surgery, in the waiting room or the patient sharing moments with their families.

“Most were agreeable, especially after they understood the concept that it was to capture their expression and emotions during the entire journey,” he said. “They had to trust my judgment, so this could only work when you have a good doctor-patient relationship. It required a connection between physician and patient that proves you have empathy for what they’re experiencing.”

The photos showed an view of womanhood at a most devastating time. “The photos show patients with lots of family support and also those with no family support,” Imami said. “They show whether they coped with it or they didn’t.” Some of the women Imami had photographed passed away and some were survivors.

Imami has created memories into stories called “Breast Cancer through the Eyes of a Surgeon,” and hopes show photos online or in an art gallery. “I want them to be inspirational for other women,” he said. The images will remain relevant far into the future. “The photos are timeless,” he said.

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